WHEN: 15-16/06/2024‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ WHERE: PRAGUE




As our first judge, we would like to introduce to you ‘Axelito’ from France. Upcoming dancer making his way through Europe and now also coming to Czech Republic. Axelito had already been announced at the WOD event in Brno, but for those of you who haven’t been there, this info is fresh new. Be ready for some international vibes at our event Dogga Clan Release


ODILON (Judge)

For those who werent at the reveal of our next judge at this years DFA, we would like to introduce to you the infamous upcoming dancer Odilon. Semifinalist of HipHopForever. Representing France, straight from Paris. Odilon is a very internationally active dancer and we are honored to be able to introduce him to our Czech scene during this years DoggaClan Release.


MULLA (Judge)

The final judge for the Dogga Clan Release is Mulla, a representative of our Czech dance scene. Mulla came to the Czech Republic for his studies long ago, and he decided to stay here, becoming one of the most respected Hip-Hop dancers in the country. With experience judging and battling internationally, we believe Mulla is a fitting representative of the Czech dance scene on the judge panel. It is our pleasure to introduce Mulla to you.


DOYAH (Battle guest)

We have decided to choose battle guests who will elevate the level of the battle scene in the CZE as much as possible.All the dancers will face a challenge standing against our battle guest, Doyah. Doyah is one of the best upcoming hip-hop dancers. He has earned respect in multiple battles such as ‘Battle Bad,’ where he emerged as the winner, and semi-finalist of ‘Summer Dance Forever,


DEADHOMIES (Battle guest)

The young Killa, Deadhomies, coming straight from France. He represents the well-known Genesis Crew and his homeland, Senegal! We are very honored to have the opportunity to bring this young styler around, and we look forward to him setting the dance floor on fire!